About KrukruStudio

We were both born in the North-West of Russia close to Finland, in Karelia Republic. And...

Once upon a time two of us got together in Moscow city and decided to join our efforts pursuing the way of the Craftsman. An idea of creating something beautiful and unusual was in the air so we just needed to find a "missing link" to make it real. And we found it in the wool felt. This wonderful material opened the way for our creativity.

For the first years we did everything ourselves: generating ideas, drawing sketches, creating patterns, sewing the bags, taking photos and doing much more to keep it all going... Now, after seven years, we've created more than a hundred models of bags, not only made of felt but also the leather ones. Our little studio has also grown up and now we have three professional seamstresses in our team helping us with the growing number of orders.

You can find us on Etsy.com! Here is our Etsy shop for the Book Bags.

And this is our old Etsy shop with Bags-Objects where you can find customers' reviews since 2011.